Player Profile

Name: Sami Kelopuro
Born: 1987
Lives in: Finland

Sami ''LarzLuzak'' Kelopuro is a well known Poker player who is often seen playing at the highest level of online cash games. He says his favourite game of poker is No limit Hold'em, in which he has been extremely successful, however he has also had great results in other variations of poker. In the Last few years he has also had some great results in live tournaments and according to poker icons, the best are yet to come.

In recent months Sami has been involved in the media on a regular basis, playing online in some of the largest poker hands. this include hands against Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan.

Sami is a fantastic, young Online Poker player who has plenty of potential even at the highest stakes which he already a regular participant. with his online success it is only a matter of time, before LarsLuzak wins his first Live Tournament.