Poker Events

Are you considering hosting a larger live poker event? Or making a TV production? Do you have thoughts about the setup, structure and game format? In that case, Poker Icons is the perfect partner. We have plentiful experience, which is an absolute necessity for arranging a successful poker event. 

Poker Icons also have a wide and all-encompassing contact network. Professional dealers, casinos abroad, hotels, catering and tournament management – that is just a choice of the many areas over which our network of contacts spans. Contact us! Examples of Poker Icons Tournaments


Pokerfinnkampen, a series of large tournaments held in Tallinn, Estonia.

We at Poker Icons have an extensive background as poker players. Therefore, we know not only what is demanded of the organizers – we easily recognize what the players themselves expect of a great event.

Company Events

Poker Icons take responsibility for the entire setup. We host the event in luxurious premises, provide exceptional food, poker tables, poker chips, dealers, a tournament manager and professional poker players, all according to your requirements. We do everything so that our guests remember this event for a long time.

Local events

Poker Icons works with partners in several countries to arrange local poker events. We can help you organize events in Sweden, Finland, Estonia and more. Please contact us for more information!