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Name: Nuno Coelho
Born: 1977
Lives in: Portugal

Nuno Zumy Coelho is one of the most respected and beloved portuguese players. After visiting the United States a few years ago, Nuno returned to Portugal in love with the game. He began playing heads-up $10/$20 and worked his way up to be a PokerStars Team Pro!

If you ask him about his favorite live tournament, he'll tell you about his first, when he had only 1 BB before dinner break and finished in second!

After his first live experience, Zumy has been a regular presence in final tables around the country and keeps cashing in. Although his results refer mainly to No Limit Hold'em, Nuno's favorite game is 8-game.

In spite of his success, Nuno still maintains his day job as a lawyer, which actually helps him to "read the player, not the cards".

His most notable and recent results include a 1st place on the Knockout Figueira Poker Tour (a portuguese circuit), a 54º on the EPT Vilamoura 2010 and a 4th place in the World Championship of Online Poker 2010.

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