Player Profile

Name: Jens Kyllönen
Born: 1989
Lives in: Finland

Jens Kyllönen started playing poker 2006, winning $10 from a freeroll and quickly grinding it up to $300 playing limit hold’em. He then switched over to no-limit hold'em and continued to quickly rise in limits and just one year later played $5-10 and $10-20 regularly. He played some sit'n'gos and tournaments on the side as well and managed to win the ECOOP main event in June 2008 for $315,000.

He also started learning Pot-Limit Omaha at that time and made a full transition from NLHE in the beginning of 2009. After completing his military service in January 2009 he started playing the live circuit and the second EPT he played he, EPT Copenhagen in February, he managed to win for €878,057 He has been playing highstakes PLO regularly for 3 years now with occasional shots to the nosebleeds.