Player Profile

Name: Henrique Pinho
Born: 1980
Lives in: Portugal

Henrique Pinho studied Management at The University of Porto and it wasn't until he graduated that he met the Poker World. After his internship he worked for the marketing department of a major food company but soon poker acquire a major role in his life.

He caught the poker bug after watching the Pokerstars European Poker Tour on Tv. Soon he found himself researching about the game on online forums and books, before making his first €50 deposit.

With a good bankroll management and good plan for his career Pinho managed to built a solid career on live tournaments, winning the portuguese live main event in 2008 and also on online games, where is crushing various games, specially Sit&Go;'s!

He represents the Team PokerStars Pro where he plays with the screen name Henrique.P.