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Name: Catarina Santos
Born: 1982
Lives in: Portugal

A woman playing poker always stands out, especially if she is a champion! Catarina Santos is one of the few female Portuguese players and one of the most talented too.

Catarina Santos is a 28 year old lawyer who is crushing the live tournament poker scene. She started playing NL10 after learning the basic rules with her friends and soon she started winning small tournaments online.
Her big breakthrough came with a final table of one of the biggest Portuguese tournaments, where she was 5th.

Quickly she became a regular presence in live tournaments dedicating her free time studying the game, watching videos and reading books.
2010 will be forever in Katrina’s memory as she won the Spanish Poker Tour Aranjuez, earning €45.000.

From Las Vegas to Spain, Catarina is the perfect ambassador for Portugal and Everest Poker, the poker room she represents.

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PLAYING_DESCRIPTIONEVPVEGAS - Day 3 with Team Everest Player Katerina Santos - Portuguese (0:02:22)